All Talk, No Gossip

with Kimberley F. Brown

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Thursday 11:00 am 11:30 am

All Talk, No Gossip with Kimberley F. Brown

From health to safety and relationships, a discussion about topics affecting women in Cleveland. The purpose of the show is to engage and influence the spirit of the black woman. We aim to educate andshake-up the mind of my black sisters, andswiftly stir-up the soul of our black mothers.

  1. The Interviews with recent women newsmakers. In the news?

  2. The Controversy - The Economy, Crime, Education, Poverty & inequality, Gun Violence, Social In(justice)

  3. The Real News - The Last 24; Our Women All the Time!

  4. The Crazy 8 - Job and Workplace Issues. How to maintain your status in the work place; Less stress - no mess!

  5. The Power Break Fast Black Women Club - Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Rape,  Children loss to Gun Violence; A Wounded Mother; Breast Cancer; Housing, Black Women and Politics, Black, Females in the Pulpit. Black Women on the bench.

We believe that when we support women issues, our communities will benefit greatly from women as we become a force of positive and productive change; No Black Woman Should be Left Behind 

“It’s no longer a behavior of being ridiculous, but a behavior of confronting real life issues that warrant real life solutions”. Through this program, I/we believe that we can increase awareness of issues affecting the Black Woman in Cuyahoga County and abroad.

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