Introducing Business Scope

Cornucopia Place [Cleveland]

Event info
Date: January 16, 2024
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Cornucopia Place
Address: 7201 Kinsman Avenue Cleveland

Sponsored By: Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Burten Bell Carr’s SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program Sales Training!

Are you ready to elevate your business and maximize your revenue? Join us for an exclusive opportunity to transform your entrepreneurial journey. Burten, Bell, Carr Development presents the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program Sales Training the ultimate guide for business owners seeking tangible results.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Captivate Your Audience: Discover proven techniques to grab your customer’s attention from the very start.
  • Revenue-Boosting Marketing: Seamlessly integrate marketing into your revenue-generating activities for impactful results.
  • Masterful Prospecting: Learn cutting-edge techniques for client prospecting and expanding your business network.
  • Customer Retention: Uncover strategies for retaining satisfied clients and building a loyal customer base.
  • Accountability for Success: Empower yourself to be accountable for your business’s triumph.


5 Reasons You Should Be Here

1. Revenue Surge:  The program equips business owners with techniques to capture customer attention and seamlessly integrate marketing into revenue-generating activities. As a result, businesses often experience a significant boost in revenue.

2. Enhanced Client Prospecting:  Gain cutting-edge techniques for client prospecting, expanding your business network, and opening doors to new opportunities. A robust client base is essential for sustained business growth.

3. Customer Retention Strategies:  Learn effective strategies for customer retention, building a loyal customer base that not only ensures repeat business but also serves as a powerful marketing tool through positive word-of-mouth.

4. Personal Accountability for Success:  The program emphasizes personal accountability, empowering business owners to take charge of their success. This mindset shift is crucial for long-term growth and resilience in the face of challenges.

5. Community Impact and Support:  By participating, business owners actively contribute to the economic development of the Central, Kinsman, Shaker Square, and Buckeye areas. This program is a testament to Burten Bell Carr Development Inc’s commitment to enhancing local businesses and fostering community prosperity.

Participating in this program isn’t just an investment in skills; it’s a strategic move toward elevating your business and contributing to the economic vibrancy of the community.

Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your business! Elevate, thrive, and succeed with Burten Bell Carr’s SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program Sales Training. Your success story starts here!